My name is Kemily Norman

As an ordained minister since 2014, I perform marriages in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma.  I live in Love County, Oklahoma close to beautiful Lake Murray State Park.


My background is one of Relationship.

Growing up in the church I learned alot about the do & don'ts of religious practice. Being the daughter of two Methodist pastors, Bill and Randa Norman, I grew up in a family that was full of love. My parents taught me that God's love was for all and that I am Indeed a child of God. 


These days, I choose to place organized religion as a cornerstone of education. My personal theology resides in a Spirituality of relationship to others, to the  Universe and to the Creator of Time and Eternity. 

The experience I bring?

Since 2015, I've performed over 500 diverse wedding ceremonies with outstanding reviews. Your voice, your desire, your theology is my inspiration... that's how you and I work together to bring your Moment of marriage together.